Tax Preparation

Truck driver tax returns. Over the years we have prepared 100's of Federal and State returns for company truck driver clients.  If you are an over the road driver, we will make sure you don't miss out on important deductions such as per diem meals, cell phone and Internet expenses, hotels, uniforms, cleaning supplies, tolls, truck maintenance, fuel and other expenses not reimbursed by your Company.

Whether you receive a W2, 1099 or both, we will prepare your tax return quickly and accurately.  We are available year round to answer your tax questions before and after your return is filed.




Owner Operator tax return.  Your return will be prepared each year timely and accurately by trucking industry tax experts.   As a self-employed owner operator, you can spend less time with paperwork and more time driving and being your own boss.

We make sure you receive all the deductions allowed including fuel, repairs and maintenance, tolls, registrations, trucking supplies, insurance and more.





Trucking Compnay Tax Return. Whether your company is a C corporation, S Corp, Limited Liability Company or Partnership, a properly prepared tax return for your trucking company will be filed to minimize the taxes and maximize profits. Over the years, we have prepared 100's of trucking company Federal and State tax returns.

We will also get your books ready for tax preparation during the year or at tax time.  We offer accounting software setup and ongoing services to keep your trucking company up to date for tax filing.